Sunday Thought 81

This Thursday is April 15, and in the U.S. that is tax day. I hate taxes, especially when I think of all the government waste and foolishness. I often think…Continue Reading →

Target Sales Training

My family and I were in Target buying a birthday gift when all of a sudden there were like a…


Examining My Tactics

My current FD principal is $12,420.39! Yay! So, I guess it’s time to set a mini-goal for March. I think getting my principal to under $11,850  by March 31st sounds…Continue Reading →

Where I Come From

This evening, a friend and I were discussing the economic stimulus package. She was saying that she wasn’t really sure…


Thoughts on Time

Perhaps I was getting a bit ahead of myself with that last post. What exactly do I mean by temporal freedom?…


A New House

Not official yet.. but it looks like I’ll be buying a new house here in the next few months.  Details to follow.  Quite an exciting event, I must say.  Mountains…Continue Reading →